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HOWTO: Create Atollic TrueSTUDIO Project


TouchGFX is an amazing product! For the hobbyist though, IAR or other IDE's are a tad out of reach. 

Atollic's TrueSTUDIO is a wonderful, FREE, IDE based on eclipse for embedded projects. Its the BEST IDE out there in my opinion :D

I have attached two ways to approach the fun of creating/importing one of the TouchGFX examples.

1. Use my prebuilt workspace. You MUST have the TouchGFX library at "C:\TouchGFX" and the workspace must be at "C:\users\YOUR USER NAME\Atollic\TrueSTUDIO\TouchGFX"

You may get an error on compiling for "stray \223" in program, this is an easy fix by just removing the symbols. 

You may also get a problem a with referencing "bsp/ResistiveTouchController.hpp", you can fix this by either removing and re-adding this file to the project or changing the #include to "" instead of <>

2. You can use my start from scratch instructions :D


  • This does NOT build assets, you will have to do this using the ToughGFX compiler or VS project 
  • In the future, I will put this in a GitHub as a complete project (Just got to find time)

Special thanks to TouchGFX for a great framework and permission to post this! 

If you have any problems, post up and I will assist as best I can! 



Matt Honeycutt

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Thanks again Matt!

Hope this will benefit a lot of people.

I just recalled that we have an article on building assets from within IAR or Keil. Maybe the same technique could be applied to TrueSTUDIO?

Looking forward to the next iterations :) We will gladly assist you in any way possible. 

Martin Stig Stissing 0 votes

Thanks Matt,

I'm trying to follow your settings from scratch. But I think you skipped some steps, in the include paths is a '..\library\' that I cannot find in the sources. There is a confusing amount of includes...

Johannes Stratmann 1 vote

Hi Matt,

The Makefiles have gone through a lot of TouchGFX versions and there may be some minor obsolete paths or options. If you find anything, please don't hesitate to ask and we can hopefully clarify things or clean up for the next release.

Generating assets is more or less a "simple" matter of setting up the path (for the mingw32 environment) and executing the command "make -f <path-to-Makefile> assets". Check the article mentioned by Martin Stig Stissing.

Also, thanks for your kind comments on TouchGFX.


Søren Pingel Dalsgaard 0 votes

I am attempting to use Atollic with my STM32 M7 project.  Looks like they don't fully support the M7 instruction set but you can build with M4 settings.  Anyway, I believe these instructions are missing instructions on using a linker file that will ignore the external flash region.  This is my last error, it's complaining htat the ExtFlashSection won't fit in region 'FLASH'.

jmag999 0 votes

After modifying the linker script to add the external flash area, I was able to build and run.  Everything is running, except that it appears to have overwritten my bitmaps.  Anyone know a way to prevent it from trying to write to the qspi?

jmag999 0 votes

I should also note that I didn't need to put any of the modifications to the command line for the compilers or linker.

jmag999 0 votes


I have tried the solution by Søren: "make -f <path-to-Makefile> assets", building process starts however there is an error:

Generating generated/images/include/BitmapDatabase.hpp
Generating generated/images/src/BitmapDatabase.cpp
Error: Duplicate file names in input list. Must be case insensitively different: 'assets/images/LiveDataDisplay/w.bmp' 'assets/images/LiveDataDisplay/w.bmp'
c:/TouchGFX/app/demo/touchgfx_demo2014_240x320/../../../touchgfx/config/gcc/ recipe for target 'generated/images/include/BitmapDatabase.hpp' failed
c:\TouchGFX\app\demo\touchgfx_demo2014_240x320\simulator\gcc\Makefile:62: recipe for target 'assets' failed

But when I run it via command line assets are generated without any problem. What could be wrong?


Anton Paus 0 votes

Thanks Matt! You did a great job!

I am trying to get your prebuild workspace to work but I do not have the source files of the 2014 small demo file. I only can download a .hex file from the website. Where did you manage to download this file?

Kind regards,





Mark 0 votes

Hello Matt,


Could you post again the project template on Dropbox for Atollic?



Joan Prats 0 votes

Greetings I am trying to use the demo "How to create a TrueStuido Project for Touch GFX" but it seems much outdated from when you first published.  I was wondering if there has been an update to your excellent guide.  Most notably the directory structure is significantly different - other differences I have noticed as well.

habcollector 0 votes